Mates Who Donate.

The Meridian Global Foundation is all about “Mates Who Donate”. Each year we get 100+ people to donate $1,000. We give $50,000 away to charities our donors are passionate about, and we put the rest into a fund that can keep on giving with our goal to get the fund to a size where we can give away $1,000,000 a year.



You can donate your $1,000 to be part of this year’s giving circle and nominate a charity of your choice.



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We run 4 events each year leading into our Giving Event. Find out about Meridian Global by coming along to our next event.




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Hear from our Charities.

Each year our donors nominate their preferred charities and our Board shortlists that to the top 3 who come and pitch at our Giving Event. Our donors vote and the winning charity receives $25,000, second place receives $15,000 and third receives $10,000. Watch the video to hear from our recent winners.