Investment Fund

With each Giving Circle – we give $50,000 to the successful charities and the remaining funds are put in investment fund. Our goal with the fund is to get it to a size where we can give away $1 million a year where charities we have supported can re-apply for ongoing funding.

Our investment philosophy is based on a diversified approach, to minimise risk and to achieve long-term sustainable returns.

We have chosen to adopt an ethical investment approach, which may use the following screen(s):

  • Negative screening – Avoiding investment in industries that have a negative impact on society and the environment.
  • Positive screening – Specifically include investments that contribute positively to society and the environment.

We understand that this investment approach comes with higher management costs, which may impact net returns as we are aiming to balance preservation of capital with a reasonable rate of return.

At this stage our funds are invested in the Australian Ethical Balanced Fund.

Currently the value of our fund is:

$156 500